Why Professional Real Estate Photos Matter

Are you selling a property, or renting out? Or are you a real estate listing agent? Let Alex make professional photos of the property for you. He has photographic experience since 2007 and uses only professional cameras, lenses and software.


“According to a 2010 Redfin study, homes that are professionally photographed sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur. The study also shows that homes photographed by a professional garner 61 percent more online views.” (Source)

Another Redfin article finds that homes photographed professionally do not only sell for more, but also sell faster: “In the $400,000 to $500,000 price range, 64 percent of homes with DSLR photos sold within six months, compared to 46 percent of homes with point-and-shoot photos.”


Being home buyers ourselves, we want listing photos that are “connected” and allow us to understand the layout and floor-plan of a property. And that’s the real estate photos we make. From the entry door all the way through to the backyard, the photos are sequential and help potential buyers to get a better idea of the listing.

Ready to go? Take a look at the real estate photography checklist, my rates, and contact me if you have any questions, and to make an appointment.

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